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Western Alliance Bank Customer Service,Contact Phone Number,Email ID

We present here Western Alliance Bank corporation customer service phone number, contact details, office address and email.Through sharing this information we are actually helping (NYSE: WAL) customers to reach bank support team. Western Alliance Bank is one of the top rated Banks in the United States of America. According to performance, Forbes has listed their name in position four comparing other hundred banks.

This bank has over dollar 18 billion assets. First, it started as a subsidiary bank but later they have extended their services, like international banking facility, online banking services, internal banking services, lending, treasury management. Western Alliance Bank performs their services through a robust national finance platform Finance including Life Sciences Group, Mortgage Warehouse Lending, Equity Fund Resources, Hotel Franchise Finance, Public and Nonprofit Finance. The bank is highly committed to making a relationship with clients. Only the expert business persons work in western Alliance Bank to provide the best customer service 24/7 hours. More than 5000 employees work in this bank to keep the reputation at any cost.

Primary Western Alliance Bank Customer Service

ALLIANCE BANK OF ARIZONA customer service:

Alliance Bank of Arizona
1 East Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 389-3500

Western Alliance Bank Corporate office Address
1 East Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 389-3500

Banking Divisions (BANK OF NEVADA)
Bank of Nevada Headquarters
2700 West Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89102-1700
(702) 248-4200

Corporate Headquarters
Western Alliance Bancorporation
1 East Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 389-3500

Banking Divisions (Bridge Bank)
55 Almaden Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 423-8500

Banking Divisions (First Independent Bank Headquarters)
5335 Kietzke Ln
Reno, NV 89511
(775) 828-2000

Banking Divisions (Torrey Pines Bank Headquarters)
12220 El Camino Real Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 523-4600

Banking Divisions (Alliance Association Bank Headquarters)
3033 W. Ray Road, Suite 200
Chandler, AZ 85226
(888) 734-4567

Western Alliance Bank customer care for Business Online Banking service: (888) 880-2887
Email Support:

Western Alliance Personal Online Banking Customer Care: (888) 271-0610
Email Support:

Credit Cards Customer service: (866) 839-3409
Report a Lost or Stolen credit card: (866) 604-0381

ATM/Debit Cards Customer service for activation & changing pin:(866) 392-9952
Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card: (800) 236-2442

Western alliance bank details

So far based on review western Alliance bank and customer service performance, we can summarise that WAC is a premium and higher standard bank in the United States Arizona. Their 24/7 customer’s support helps clients to fix all banking issues and online services. You can create an account and start getting their banking services in no time from them. You can also learn more about them by visiting the official website which we have mentioned in the above section. Click the link Above and visit the site to get all the information from the help desk as well as customer care desk.

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HP Customer Support,Contact Phone Number (Hewlett-Packard)

Find HP Customer Support, email ID, Phone number and office address.Hewlett-Packard company better known as HP.The pay was confounded in nineteen thirty-three by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. HP’s headquarters are located in Palo Alto California .approximately three hundred and twelve thousand employees worked for HP which has a market capitalization over 120 two billion dollars and operates worldwide.the company is composed of the following segments enterprise storage and servers HP services, HP software, the personal systems group, the imaging, and printing group.

Primary HP Customer Service Details

For searching country wise contact number and office address please visit HP official website from the above link.

HP Southern and East Africa
Physical address:
HP Inc.
12 Autumn Street
South Africa
Postal address:
HP Inc.
Private Bag
South Africa
Phone+ 27 11 7851000
Fax+ 27 11 785 1353
Monday – Friday, 8h30-17h00Hewlett-Packard Angola Lda.
Belas Business Park
Via A1 – Av. Talatona
Torre Luanda, 6º andar, sala 10
Talatona – Luanda

West Africa

Physical & Postal address:

HP Computing and Printing Nigeria Limited
5th Floor, Mulliner Towers
39 Alfred Rewane Road
Ikoyi, Lagos

French speaking countries

Physical & Postal address:

Phone: +212 522 64 24 64
Fax: +212 522 64 24 57
Monday- Friday : 8h30-17h00

Physical & Postal address:

HP Inc. Tunisie SARL
2088 – Tunisie
Phone+216 70 109 309
Monday – Friday

Office Locations United Kingdom

Warrington, (OLO)
HP Inc.
Cinnamon House
Room 200
Cinnamon Park, Crab Lane
Warrington WA2 0XP
United Kingdom
Erskine, (CSM)HP Inc.
Erskine Ferry Road
Ground Floor CSA3 (bldg CSM02)
United Kingdom, PA7 5PP
London, (LDN)HP Inc.
88 Wood Street
5th Floor, London
Hammersmith and Fulham
United Kingdom, EC2V 7QT

#1-800-986-4207 HP Printer TechnicalSupport Phone Number
#1-800-986-4207 HP Printer TechnicalSupport 1800-986-4207
1-800-986-4207 | HP Support | HP Printer Customer Support Number
@+1-800-986-4207 | HP Support | HP Printer Customer Support Number
HP Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-986-4207 HP Help
@@@1-800-986-4207 HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number

More About HP Company & financial status

HP financial services and corporate investments are run by CEO Mark Hurd and CFO Catherine. HP is traded on the New York Frankfurt’s Lima and Mexican Stock Exchange’s the major indexes. Let’s take a look at hp’s reported financials, for 2007 reported revenues came in at 104 billion dollars and net earnings came in at 7 billion .as we take a look at the balance sheet total assets for over eighty eight billion dollars while liabilities were 50 billion with equities at twelve point six billion the debt-to-equity ratio of the firm was sitting at point 2 65 .on December 31st 2007 the stock closed at fifty dollars and 48 cents and ass of September second, 2008 it was priced at $45 and eighty-nine cents in 2007 .HP paid eight hundred and forty-six million dollars in dividends to its shareholders. Moving on to operations HP offers products in computer hardware computer software computer peripherals IT and consulting the vision for growth at.

HP is multifaceted they wanted to take advantage of several opportunities and increased revenue. While cutting costs everyone can see the digital explosion that is going on all around us and HP believes it can provide both hardware and software to allow users to access all of that content .besides the growth in digital media there’s also the growth in the emerging economy.HP is specifically targeting Break nations to grow revenue and capture market share the last part of the strategy is growing the server side of their business. They took a great step in achieving this by purchasing EDS which adds more economies of scale. If they can integrate into their business since marker took over a couple of years ago. HP has had a very good run being now the number one PC maker in the world the growth in revenue and profits in the last couple of quarters has been exceptional when you think of it in terms of the American slow down .however for a few months we have seen chinks in the armor the main one being the slowdown in printer sales you must remember that HP is known for great printers and the great cash flows from ink sales. Also, the weak dollar was really boosting their numbers but now that sale has a little less wind which should affect their numbers in the next couple of quarters .overall this is definitely another company that is positioned

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Home Depot Customer Service,Contact Number – Call Center

Home Depot’s headquarters are located in Atlanta Georgia. The company was founded in nineteen seventy-eight by Bernie Marcus Arthur blank ron grill and Pat Farrell. It has approximately 350 5,000 employees worldwide and a market capitalization close to 45 billion dollars. Home Depot’s main operations are in us where it operates 1950 stores the chain is also present in China and Mexico and has a strong presence in Canada where it has 165 stores.Home Depot tries to create better customer experience by improving their customer service and the look of their stores and that brings the end of their markets calm company profile of the home depot.

Primary Home Depot Customer Service

  • Home Depot primary customer care phone number: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337) (Company, Store, Merchandise, Services)
  • General Home Depot customer service:  1-800-430-3376
  • Home Depot Major Appliances phone support: 1-877-946-9843
  • Contact for Law Enforcement Inquiries: 1-770-384-4105
  • Customer support through email:
  • Media Inquiries:

Credit Card: Consumer Accounts 1-866-875-5488
Credit Card: Commercial Accounts 1-866-875-5490
Credit Card: Commercial Revolving 1-866-875-5489
Customer Care 1-800-466-3337
Government Customers 1-866-589-0690 Major Appliances 1-877-946-9843
Home Services 1-800-466-3337 1-800-430-3376
Product Recalls 1-800-638-2772 (SPSC Hotline)
Purchase Gift Cards 1-800-430-3376
Store Finder 1-800-466-3337
Web Site Feedback 1-800-435-4654

Commercial & Consumer credit card customer care service:

For Consumer Account
U.S. 1-866-875-5488
Canada 1-800-747-3787

For Commercial Revolving
Cards U.S. 1-866-875-5489
Canada 1-800-668-5336

For Commercial Accounts
U.S. 1-866-875-5490
Canada 1-888-308-5080

Official Website: Visit Home Depot store to get online customer service.This lets you submit your query through web form.You will receive a reply from them within 24/7 hrs.

Main Headquarters
2455 Paces Ferry Road Atlanta
Georgia 30339 United States

Social Pages:

home depot customer service

More About Company & Services:
Let’s discuss its service operations.Home Depot operates retail stores that sell products for home improvement in the past, the company was involved in supplying contractors through hd supply but the selling of that unit left it solely as a retailer home depot is a second largest retailer in the united states only behind Walmart. The company CEO is Francis s flake and the cfo is carol bhi toh Maine. The company structure allows it not to have a CEO moving onto the market. Home depot is officially traded at three main national exchanges those being the new york stock exchange where it is primary listed as well as a Frankfort and Mexican exchanges.the major indexes it is on the dow 30 and the s&p 500 in the USA. Let’s take a look at the company’s reported financials. For 2015 home depot’s reported revenue came in over 77 billion dollars with net earnings of two dollars and thirty-seven cents per share or a total of nearly four and a half billion dollars. Taking a look now at the balance sheet total assets for the company were over 45 billion dollars while liabilities were just over 26 billion equities made up. The difference at close to 18 billion dollars the debt-to-equity ratio of the firm was sitting at 0.68 fight at the end of two thousand seven.the company had 1.7 million shares outstanding and on December 31st of that year the stock closed at $26 and ninety-four cents on august thirteenth closed at twenty-six dollars and twenty-six cents.home depot paid a total of 1.7 billion dollars in dividends to its shareholders in 2007.

Let’s go back to operations, most of the retail stores they operate are in the USA they are focused on home improvement products including tools hardware lumber building materials paint plumbing and flooring. Now home depot’s biggest competitor is Loews corporation. Having said that both retailers combined make up only one-fifth of the home improvement sector. Home depot’s vision for growth is simple, they want to direct their focus to its retail stores that are the reason they sold off hd supply. The company wants to increase maintenance at its older storage to give them needed improvement but also to make them look more attractive to its customers additionally they’re looking to hire specialized employees. This year the home improvement giant launched two initiatives aprons on the floor and eco options. The aprons initiative is about enhancing customer to associate interaction by adding more associates to the floor while the eco initiative is a program that labels environmentally friendly products and along with those two initiatives. They rolled out the rapid deployment centers to lower costs and streamline their supply chain. Now Home depot was a company that thrived with the housing boom. Unfortunately, they are going through some tough times due to the burst of the housing bubble less people are engaging in home improvement now which means lower sales this year. They sold hd supply and they bought back stock with the money from that acquisition. This action generally signals the management’s belief, that the price of the stock is cheap from a long-term perspective. However is that since their announcement to buy back stock the stock has dropped approximately fifty percent in the past hd supply would buffer. Home depot from housing as it diversified their sales a turnaround in the stock and the company will surely be based on the housing market.

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Benefits Of Canara Bank CSR Program – Corporate Social Responsibility


A good bank is not only the financial heart of the community but also has an obligation of helping in every manner to improve the economic conditions of the common people. Canara bank founder Sri amble Subaru PI have been the guiding force behind all the CSR initiatives of the bank since its inception. Canara Bank has been a pioneer in creating and sustaining community development and staying true to its brand promise of initiating and implementing multifaceted and innovative programs which will bring the socio-economic transformation in society.Canara Bank centenary Rural Development Trust was started to provide a greater impetus to its rural development programs and micro enterprises.

One of the major achievements of the Trust has been the formation of 27 rural development and self-employment training institutes and 26 rule self-employment training institutes which promote rural entrepreneurship across the country.These short-term residential training programs equip the unemployed rural youth for skill development and entrepreneurship.This along with market research training in marketing and post training business counseling has made this a successful national model for the promotion of micro enterprises.most ABC concept training is also imparted to the transgender community and to persons with disabilities and to the physically challenged it’s heartening to note that Canara banks Community Development programs which have been initiated way back in the 1950s have been taken forward by the comment of India and to latest as much relevant since Government of India has made it through CSR mandatory.

CSR provisions in 2014 Canara banks top management has started this initiative called our city in 1982 and these have been taken forward by all the different banks today we find that one our city is being set up in each and every district across the country and this is become a replicable model today the sustainability and measurement impact are the hallmarks of any CSR program and today we find that Canara through Canara banks initiatives our cities are producing lot of skilled manpower from the unemployed youths who are provided opportunities for setting up micro and small enterprises the Canara Bank Institute of information technology was set up in 1990 to educate and empower the weaker sections of the urban youth who lack the funds and the access to pursue technical education the three-month CBI IT training not only imparts computer skills but also in personality development and communication skills today over 70% of the trainees have been successfully placed in premier IT companies besides creating sustainable livelihood for families and critical infrastructure for villages the bank has implemented integrated development under the Canara grammar their project at the grassroots level.extending development assistance beyond banking the bank has provided infrastructure facilities like roads water suppl,y schools and health centers computer centers and libraries solar lights and more.

Artisan training center where it is a unique for Canara bank no other bank has established in the country where in the rural youth unemployed youth are trained for one and a half years to develop excellence in their Tecna sculpture. They give training for the wood crafts the stone crafts ,the metal crafts and also the Terra Cotta.Here the people are one unique thing is the deaf and dumb people, the handicapped people and the physically low straight of the society people come there, get training free training for one and a half years and they become National Award winners in the state about this gives us a very much happiness in bringing these unemployed youth to such a high level it’s one of the very good unique initiatives back another Bank. Canara Bank has three training institutes at bidadi and Kerala in Karnataka and at karakuri in Tamilnadu. Set up to promote and preserve traditional handicrafts and nurture young artisans in a Gurukul environment.Those who are 18 years old have passed middle school 7th standered and are interested in sculpture and art can join the training the centers provide free training and boarding facilities and trained aspiring artisans from across the country for 6 to 18 months in wooden handicrafts stone carving metal and terracotta craft under the guidance of master craftsmen. Thousands of artisans have benefited from this and these Institute’s have received nationwide acclaim.

The Canara Bank believes that giving power to women make society powerful and with this in mind the bank established the Department of women empowerment which provides training, business counseling and marketing support to women entrepreneurs. Financial independence for women in the rural areas is their keystone philosophy and the banks rural women self-employment training institutes help women to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and augment their family income. Special packages are also provided to women entrepreneurs in terms of concession in rate of interest and security norms. 14 all women branches and three Mahela banking branches provide banking services exclusively for women and provide credit facilities to women entrepreneurs. Canara Bank periodically organizes can hood serves to exhibit promote and market the products created by women entrepreneurs under this program and also has number Asante a fully equipped retail mobile marketing man to sell these products at important market locations.

The Juban II education fund was launched in 1956 for the promotion of education and today provides free library facilities including a digital library , scholarships sponsorships and career guidance to promote technical and professional education to more than 3,000 students from a poor economic background. The bank continuously updates the collection of books according to the University syllabus and has multiple titles for the same subject which helps students from an economically weaker background gain ample access to the relevant educational material. The bank has also assisted a large number of educational institutions in enhancing their educational infrastructure recognizing the need to educate and make women self-sufficient. The bank provides scholarships loans and tutoring infrastructure to help support education for girls. One of the primary reasons girls drop out of school is because of the lack of sanitation facilities to reduce the dropout rate the bank has constructed toilets in 130 girls schools spread over 26 lead districts of the Bank.

In yet another pioneering initiative the bank has sponsored the Canara Bank relief and Welfare Society which runs a 100 bedded super specialty saver Chitra hospital providing treatment to needy patients the society also runs an old-age home and an infant adoption center. The bank is also associated with the Geneva Institute of Cardiology and Research Bangalore in providing funding assistance for modernization of the hospital and providing state-of-the-art medical equipment. The Bank sponsors institutions for mentally challenged children and is associated with the NGO enable India for training and placements to persons with disabilities helping a large number of charitable hospitals and government hospitals in procuring equipment and mobile medical vans treating patients in inaccessible rural areas and conducting health check-up and awareness camps are just some of the programs that are part of the bank’s CSR health initiatives. Being a socially responsible public sector organization the bank has a natural commitment to green energy and sustainability.

The bank sponsors solar energy programs in its adopted villages and all the rural development and self-employment training Institute campuses are equipped with solar power plants. The bank has funded schools like the Sainik school Corps ago and the Java had Nvidia Vidyalaya with solar energy plants and equipped over 21 hospitals in chicka belabor Karnataka with solar energy. The bank has facilitated doorstep banking through business correspondents in villages .this model helps in extending financial assistance to farmers who do not have access to a bank and helps even in the dispersal of loans at their doorstep .the bank has helped in opening a basic savings bank deposit account for lakhs of people in the rural areas. Access to banking services and educating farmers on prudently managing their finances has been a priority for the Canara bank. Since its inception to educate farmers on various banking services the bank has launched a financial literacy drive through the Canara Bank financial advisory trust the financial literacy centers established at the block level are managed by retired banking professionals who conduct awareness programs at schools colleges farmers associations and other forums and provide one-to-one counseling on managing the finances.

Sector wise sanctions of CSR Projects &programmes 2014-15

Sl.No. Details of activities Sectorwise Amount sanctioned (Rs. In crores)
1 Education


2 Health


3 Poverty & Nutrition


4 Persons with Disability (PwD)


5 Art & Culture


6 Skill Development


7 Environment Protection


8 Rural Development


9 Women Empowerment


10 Financial Literacy




The bank continues to explore new ways to include the underprivileged into organized banking and seize corporate social responsibility not as an obligation but as a means to reach the excluded sections of the society over a hundred years and guided by the principles and legacy of its founder the Canara Bank has truly lived up to its motto “together we can”

Canara Bank CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

For more information regarding Canara bank csr policy visitCanara Bank Sustainable Development CSR

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Community Bank NA Customer Service – Contact CBS

Community Bank customer care service, contact phone number, Email address:

Community Bank National Association is a bank operating as a commercial depository and lending institution for customers in upstate New York. This banking system also serves customers under the name of First Liberty Bank and Trust in northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a subsidiary of Community Bank System which is headquartered in New York, outside of Syracuse. Community Bank System is a type of financial holding company. It has a wholly-owned banking subsidiary Community Bank, N.A. This subsidiary has over several billion in bank assets and over a hundred branches across the northern part of New York and northeastern Pennsylvania. The history of this group of banking facilities appears to be centered around an initial beginning in 1866 when the original bank of Saint Lawrence National Bank was operating.

Community Bank NA Customer Service

Besides above contact numbers, you can use the secure customer service feedback form to reach them.For other issues visit the local branch or call their Customer Service line.

Bank specialties: Banking, 401K Administration, Insurance, Retirement and health care consulting and actuarial services, Wealth Management, Financial Consulting, Collective Investment Fund Administration, 125 Cafeteria Plan Administration.

Official Website:

5790 Widewaters Parkway DeWitt,NY 13214 United States

Find a Community Bank near you: Locate a branch

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