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Find HP Customer Support, email ID, Phone number and office address.Hewlett-Packard company better known as HP.The pay was confounded in nineteen thirty-three by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. HP’s headquarters are located in Palo Alto California .approximately three hundred and twelve thousand employees worked for HP which has a market capitalization over 120 two billion dollars and operates worldwide.the company is composed of the following segments enterprise storage and servers HP services, HP software, the personal systems group, the imaging, and printing group.

Primary HP Customer Service Details

For searching country wise contact number and office address please visit HP official website from the above link.

HP Southern and East Africa
Physical address:
HP Inc.
12 Autumn Street
South Africa
Postal address:
HP Inc.
Private Bag
South Africa
Phone+ 27 11 7851000
Fax+ 27 11 785 1353
Monday – Friday, 8h30-17h00Hewlett-Packard Angola Lda.
Belas Business Park
Via A1 – Av. Talatona
Torre Luanda, 6º andar, sala 10
Talatona – Luanda

West Africa

Physical & Postal address:

HP Computing and Printing Nigeria Limited
5th Floor, Mulliner Towers
39 Alfred Rewane Road
Ikoyi, Lagos

French speaking countries

Physical & Postal address:

Phone: +212 522 64 24 64
Fax: +212 522 64 24 57
Monday- Friday : 8h30-17h00

Physical & Postal address:

HP Inc. Tunisie SARL
2088 – Tunisie
Phone+216 70 109 309
Monday – Friday

Office Locations United Kingdom

Warrington, (OLO)
HP Inc.
Cinnamon House
Room 200
Cinnamon Park, Crab Lane
Warrington WA2 0XP
United Kingdom
Erskine, (CSM)HP Inc.
Erskine Ferry Road
Ground Floor CSA3 (bldg CSM02)
United Kingdom, PA7 5PP
London, (LDN)HP Inc.
88 Wood Street
5th Floor, London
Hammersmith and Fulham
United Kingdom, EC2V 7QT

#1-800-986-4207 HP Printer TechnicalSupport Phone Number
#1-800-986-4207 HP Printer TechnicalSupport 1800-986-4207
1-800-986-4207 | HP Support | HP Printer Customer Support Number
@+1-800-986-4207 | HP Support | HP Printer Customer Support Number
HP Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-986-4207 HP Help
@@@1-800-986-4207 HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number

More About HP Company & financial status

HP financial services and corporate investments are run by CEO Mark Hurd and CFO Catherine. HP is traded on the New York Frankfurt’s Lima and Mexican Stock Exchange’s the major indexes. Let’s take a look at hp’s reported financials, for 2007 reported revenues came in at 104 billion dollars and net earnings came in at 7 billion .as we take a look at the balance sheet total assets for over eighty eight billion dollars while liabilities were 50 billion with equities at twelve point six billion the debt-to-equity ratio of the firm was sitting at point 2 65 .on December 31st 2007 the stock closed at fifty dollars and 48 cents and ass of September second, 2008 it was priced at $45 and eighty-nine cents in 2007 .HP paid eight hundred and forty-six million dollars in dividends to its shareholders. Moving on to operations HP offers products in computer hardware computer software computer peripherals IT and consulting the vision for growth at.

HP is multifaceted they wanted to take advantage of several opportunities and increased revenue. While cutting costs everyone can see the digital explosion that is going on all around us and HP believes it can provide both hardware and software to allow users to access all of that content .besides the growth in digital media there’s also the growth in the emerging economy.HP is specifically targeting Break nations to grow revenue and capture market share the last part of the strategy is growing the server side of their business. They took a great step in achieving this by purchasing EDS which adds more economies of scale. If they can integrate into their business since marker took over a couple of years ago. HP has had a very good run being now the number one PC maker in the world the growth in revenue and profits in the last couple of quarters has been exceptional when you think of it in terms of the American slow down .however for a few months we have seen chinks in the armor the main one being the slowdown in printer sales you must remember that HP is known for great printers and the great cash flows from ink sales. Also, the weak dollar was really boosting their numbers but now that sale has a little less wind which should affect their numbers in the next couple of quarters .overall this is definitely another company that is positioned

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